Show Me The Homes clients appreciate the advantages of our high dynamic range (HDR) imaging in daylight, twilight and 360° panoramic applications. HDR imaging involves specialized photography and image processing efforts beyond our standard processes. Complementing the advantages of our SmartShowing Tour™, this enhanced professional imaging adds distinction to your marketing—setting it even further above other listings prospective buyers may be considering.

Daylight HDR Photography

Included in SmartShowing Tours™ in certain situations at photographer discretion, exterior daylight HDR imaging can create a stunning moment at any time of day—enhancing color and detail. This is especially useful for properties with lots of shade or a less favorable exterior orientation, such as north-facing homes.


Twilight HDR Exteriors & Views
$125 option for SmartShowing Tour™

Leverage property features such as: numerous windows, exterior & landscape lighted features or remarkable views with this popular and dramatic, yet natural look. These images are taken at a separate appointment and in addition to daytime photography. Having both has the advantage of giving the prospective buyer additional perspectives of the property. While twilight images can be very dramatic, daylight images often more accurately represent the colors of the property's exterior.


HDR 360° Panoramas
$50 option for SmartShowing Tour™

This Show Me The Homes exclusive includes up to 6 HDR 360° panoramic images (often called "virtual" images and sometimes mistaken for video). Panoramas can enhance a prospective buyer's experience of large, open or unique scenes inside or outside a property. A degree symbol (°) trailing a scene name and a "360° Image" button appearing at the top of our SmartShowing Tour™ indicate to buyers an available panorama on a particular scene. Click here to see one in action.

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