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Have you ever closed a tour that was taking too long to load, or worse—had one crash your Internet browser causing you to lose your MLS search results? You're not alone! These experiences are usually attributed to tours that require Flash® browser add-ons. In addition, tours that use Flash almost always have to load their entire content before the presentation can start. Flash also doesn't run on iPads, iPhones and most other mobile devices, due in part to it's tendancy to run down battery life.


SmartShowing Tours™ Keep Buyers Engaged

By contrast, one of the recurring praises we hear about our SmartShowing Tours™ is how fast they load. Our high quality images are optimized to look great and load fast, scene by scene. By the time other tours are finished loading, SmartShowing Tours' efficient presentations are well under way.

Buyers tell us they want quick and easy access to a lot of images. We designed our SmartShowing Tours to do just that. Rather than introducing buyers to an elaborate tour with slick, but hidden slide-away navigation requiring a learning curve to find and use, we place the focus on intuitively accessible property Images, organized into scenes by level. The fast load gets buyers engaged, the smart showing keeps them engaged. Before they've visited the property in person, buyers may already know where they'll put their belongings!

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